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Encore une Fois

Here in Kenora, we had a brief revival of hazy summer weather this week, which abruptly halted today (and I’m writing this in sheepskin slippers and a cardigan – an outfit more befitting of late September in Northwestern Ontario). I made sure to drag my son to Norman beach for a few last splashy frolics before the frosts start to settle in. I even managed to take a full-on swim myself the other night.

I think it’s safe to say that my son is my muse. He’s at this perfect age where he’s still pocket-sized and adorable and needing me to curl up next to him and sing him songs while he falls asleep… But old enough and with the brass tacks to tell me “You’re going to go to JAIL!!!” whenever I have the audacity to ask him not to do something dangerous or careless. His innocence and boyishness really shine when I step back and just quietly observe, rather than pose or direct him. My favourite type of family photography is just this; retreat to the sidelines and let children do their thing… playing in nature and immersing themselves in their imaginative worlds.

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Leah Nilson is a portrait & lifestyle photographer based in Kenora, ON. She chases light and hunts the spectacular with her camera