Leah Nilson
Portrait & Lifestyle Photography


I’m a Canadian photographer, artist and designer based in Kenora, Ontario. I chase light and hunt the spectacular with my camera.

I went to school for art at Emily Carr University, and studied graphic design at Vancouver Community College. I first picked up an SLR over 20 years ago, and I’ve been casually honing my skills behind the lens and in the digital (and physical) dark room ever since.

My style is loose and informal. Genuine expression, natural light, evocative settings, subtle moments, and your realest self are more exciting to me than fake lighting, stiff, staged portraits and excessive editing. I pick up on the way the subjects interact with light, their environment and one another. I love to combine some gentle guided poses with candid moments.

In my spare time, I hang out with a little tiny human who calls me “mum” and a grown man who calls me “wife”. I’m wild about my family, coffee, old buildings, records, books, clothes and crime procedurals, and I’m endlessly curious about the natural world and human behaviour.

I would absolutely love to chat with you about making some photos together. Let’s collaborate and come up with something wonderful! 

info@leahnilson.com | +1 (604) 818 5069